Lejlighedsrenovering København

Celebrating the life and character of classic Copenhagen apartment for a modern family.

Location: Frederiksberg, Denmark
Status: Built and completed
Year: 2020
Client: Private, 70 m2
Responsibilities: all phases of the project


Architect: Danila Lampis

Photography: Rozbeh Zavari

“For me, it’s important to live well, to be in a place that I feel is my Home. Bright and simple living, with a good corner where you can sit in peace and read a book. And also, it is important to have a place with good light to be able to work and stay.” Tina – the owner
Space research & strategy
Pre- Design workshop
Design concept
Materials choice consultation
Construction site assistance

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Tina and Birger sought help as they no longer felt their home was functioning optimally.
They had lived in the ground floor apartment in Frederiksberg for many years, but no longer they felt the apartment could accommodate the new family’s need to gather together.
The wishes included also a more spacious kitchen and the feeling of a better experience of the apartment hallways and flow.

Frederiksberg karre´
ombygning og renovering
Original drawings, Frederiksberg 1929

Prior to engage with Danila Lampis arkitekt, Tina had done some foundational  roundwork in terms of get in touch with a kitchen company.
But she doesn´t need just a new kitchen.

She talked about to remove a wall and the desire of a completely new exsperience in the whole apartment.


“It was enormously valuable to talk to someone who had that knowledge about space and dwellings, because there were some things which I do not think immediately myself and I would have been able to think.”
Tina – the owner

With much question and concern in getting the space just right, Danila was brought in to make a diagnosis of apartment’s current strengths, weaknesses and where improvements can be implemented.

inspiration til planløsningen, tegninger byggesagsarkiv, køkken indretning

Like most old apartments in Copenhagen, the apartment follows a traditional and rigid layout.

The hallway acts as the common thread that binds all rooms together, and is therefore a very dark “space”.
The kitchen is experienced as an enclosed room, to cook and to store food.

lejlighed ombygning og renovering

Kitchen and living room are disconnected by the presence of internal walls. View and space esperience trought the space is locked into the traditional “rooms”.

The kitchen room acts as  isolate space, with not so much optimised space for storage and for moving around freely.

Indretning af lejlighed, totalrenovering af en lejlighed, renovering af herskabslejligheder

The project works with the existing parameters and features. By removing the wall between the kitchen and the  allway, the space gets finally a new light and functionality.
The kitchen is converted into an open room instead of an enclosed space, so then the light flows in, creating a new visual connection.


With much question and concern in getting the space just right, Danila was brought in to make a diagnosis of apartment’s current strengths, weaknesses and where improvements can be implemented.

Ombygning af herskabslejlighed før og efter
Ombygning og renovering af lejlighed
Hvordan renoverer man en lejlighed
“I lack inspiration on how I can achieve aesthetics and functionality” Tina – the owner
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Working collaboratively with Tina within a Pre-design workshop, we gained clarity and were able to set a project’s roadmap. By recalibrating an aim we would be able to tap into the functionality and the aesthetic of the apartment as a whole.


We challenged her with a few questions and received valuable answer that were rooted from: “Who is living in the apartment? How do you live and work through your space today? What do you want to achieve by getting a new and more functional kitchen? And why is it important for you?”


With a clear space strategy process Tina got:

Clarity of why and what she wants
Understanding of project´s functional needs
List of priority according to the budget to invest

“Kitchen and bath are probably the most confusing for me to tackle. I would like to open up the kitchen and dining room, but can not just overlook it and think that it will probably be very expensive. I have a prejudice that it would probably be incredibly expensive.”
Elegant contrast
Femininity aesthetic
Totalrenovering af herskabslejlighed, moodboard, inspiration

Workshop´s main goal is to gain clarity. By understanding your house features and future needs, your own personality and the project´s historical context, we create a list of aesthetic and functional priorities, according to the budget to invest.
Getting to know Tina´s needs based on lifestyle interviews, understanding building history and seeing what is in between her expectations. You might have the same building or apartment, but every project brings a very different result.

Totalrenovering af herskabslejlighed, Bliv ringet op gratis af Julie Trier Brøgger Skriv en besked herunder eller ring Hvad skal arkitekten hjælpe med? Indtast dit navn Indtast din email Indtast dit telefonnummer Danske BoligArkitekter må sende mig nyhedsbreve og tage kontakt til mig i forbindelse med spørgsmål om kundetilfredshed, ombygning af herskabslejlighed

Clear project methodology and design process = controlled design results.

The design process is a series of consecutive phases, where design and functional goals are achieved and approved by the client, for a move forward in each project´s phase.
The process follows a linear progression, where the design is gradually detailed: from the inspiration moodboard, to the concept to the construction documents with finishes and details.
Each phase is based on the information and decisions achieved in the previous one. That’s why the design process requires commitment and positive collaboration with you and your architect.


Renovations should respond to contemporary uses of spaces, connecting the old and the new with unexpected and joyful solutions.

architect process Danila Lampis arkitektrådgiver

From the street facade, the apartment is part of a full aesthetic experience. It cannot be separate from the architecture that contains it.
One of the main requests from Tina was to maintain the style and have the sensibility to keep the historical value into the future interior changes.
So the carpentry work is sitting on not-straight walls and angles, adapting itself to the old structure of the building.

Building facade
Ombygning af stor lejlighed i København, renovering af unik københavner lejlighed
hjælp til renovering af lejlighed i København, bevaringsvaerdige detaljer lejligheden
Ombygning af lejlighed Frederiskberg, ombygning, renovering, indretning inspiration, boligarkitekt
Detalis: wood wall panels, stucco and ceiling rosette

The project started with a simple request: demolish the wall between the existing kitchen
and the hallway. The main goal was to connect the rooms more visually and physically.


Tina´s vision of success:
• demolish a light wall
• open more the space in the entrance – hallway
• new functional kitchen with good amount of storage but with the same layout
• stay on budget


Projects outcomes after strategy and discovery:
• moving the sink on the left wall
• let the kitchen top continues as a unique surface in front of the window
• new sitting/working area in front of the window for two
• kitchen cabinets from the floor up to the ceiling as a unique surface to maximize storage
• place the fridge in a niche and create a small niche for keys in the entrance
• new floor with integrated floor heating
• elegant palette to define the kitchen and the hallway from the rest

Apartment plan Copenhagen lejlighedsrenovering
Renovering af lejlighed København

Evolution of the design proposal: from keeping the original kitchen´s layout to activate the window.

“We would not have been able to come to that solution alone! We couldn’t see those possibilities in the drawings by ourselves.
Now the sink is very central.
We can easily both now get to the sink, without having to stand and push each other.
After all, there is plenty of work space on the tabletop over the window and we are super super happy with that solution.”
Tina – the owner
The new kitchen after renovation
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