Lejlighedsrenovering København

The city, the streets, and the domestic spaces: creating impactful experiences for current and future generations.

The city, the streets, and the domestic spaces: creating impactful experiences for current and future generations.


Architecture is a dialogue in which the physical, social and economic parameters are involved in the design process. Each project is based on a pragmatic analysis of the physical, social and economic needs.
To avoid stagnation and uniformity, I seek to create architecture that stimulates growth as well as answers new cultural and social needs. The main goal of any of my projects is to find a way to serve all interests, even when they are actively competing against each other.


The design must be adaptable and multi-purpose, as human needs are in constant change and diverse in nature.


I’ve always been drawn to how spaces and bodies can interact with each other through the medium of architecture. Architecture is designing spaces that center us, bringing us back to the origins of what makes us, us. Where our senses are stimulated through interaction with clean, self-finished materials, and curated experiences.


I champion being transparent in my process as well as knowledge sharing, not just for my clients but also for others in similar fields seeking knowledge.
My goal is to create an architectural firm that is accessible and comprehensible for both clients and others. My website, as well as my social media, are places where I actively work towards demystifying both the design process and the experience of working with and as an architect. By doing this, I believe we can democratize architecture, making it a more diverse and gender-neutral landscape.
Architecture is ultimately art and it should be an enjoyable experience to partake in it, regardless of if you are an architect, designer or a civilian.


Danila is a qualified architect from Sardinia, Italy and moved to Denmark in 2013 as she had a great interest in Danish architecture and design. She has a master’s degree in architecture and has a +2 professional master from KADK in Copenhagen.
For the last 8+ years she worked with architecture and design in Scandinavia and she is a member of The Danish Association of Architects.

Danila has gained a broad experience through her work with projects on both a smaller and larger scale, and she has knowledge and experience of all parts of the process from sketching to construction site.

Danila is a firm believer in the power of collaboration, and has worked with several talented Danish architectural firms such as LETH & GORI, KANT, Zoom, Aaberg og Spacelab arkitekter.

By working with the best to achieve the best, she has had the pleasure of gaining first-hand experience in all phases of projects, and have been actively involved in private and public projects throughout. Additionally, she was the key lead for all design and project development.

Currently at SpaceLab arkitekter.


“Copenhagen’s liveability put to the test” 
RIBA Journal – official publication of the Royal Institute of British Architects


“Københavns byliv presses af pandemien” 
Arkitektforeningen – Danish Association of Architects


Authors: Danila Lampis, Samaneh Sadri, Saloni Parekh


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I am always interested in collaborations, partnership and sharing new ideas. 

Write me at info@danilalampisarkitekt.com

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