Lejlighedsrenovering København
You’re invited to join
the panel on Linkedin Live.
In collaboration with experts, we will discuss: 
As architects and investors, what can we do differently from tomorrow?
In August, guests share their own knowledge and experience.


The last lecture is available online by clicking here.
You will receive practical knowledge and clarity about sustainable practices for projects under 10000 square meters. A big project often requires a large budget and a lot of stakeholders. A small project, however, can make a big difference!
The format is cohort-based learning. A big idea, a step-by-step approach, and a practical example
There will be a live panel discussion. Through eight to nine chapters, we examine all phases of the project.
Each guest presents one major idea related to the architecture’s process chapter, such as:
• Architecture as a value-driven brand
• Design: How to bridge calculations and aesthetics with building culture
• The architect’s role in communicating the big vision
• The use of data in the design process
• The upcoming regulations
• The latest materials and how to choose them
• Studying the building life cycle
• How to save and protect the sustainable agenda until the end


Making buildings for future generations